Wonderful works

Other works I worked on

Design of a formations search engine for a graduate school

Vision test with around ten exercises on different categories relatives to sight

Redesign and reflection on a fertility platform to add more depth to the content

Redesign of an online courses calendar

Creation of courses on Adobe XD and Indesign

UX UI audit on different websites and apps (business events app, ecommerce websites…)

Redesign and upgrade of branding (developers company…)

Survey for patient to accelerate the inscription in the hospital

Social network app to cote to challenge videos

Web app for public transports to announce and see perturbations

Participation in a design sprint to create an HR/employees app to allows them to see their data and understand their rights in their company

Game to help pharmacists to discover and know a product

Bank app to predict savings according to cashback

Promotional pop-up store around the brand and the imaginative election of Kanye West as a president in 2024

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